Why Should You Get a Puppy?

The National Institutes of Health report that having a pet has health benefits.

It reduces stress 

Dogs have the instinctive ability to realize when their human companions are having a difficult time. They are fully present with the person, intuitively possessing attention, compassion, and awareness. Having a dog in a child’s life has been shown to help her develop better social skills like cooperation and volunteering than children who don’t have a dog.  

The everyday act of petting a dog lowers the human stress hormone cortisol, according to researchers. Not only does having a canine companion reduce stress, it also increases oxytocin—the feel-good hormone—the hormone that helps mothers and their infants bond.

It teaches children social skills and responsibility 

There are few things that tug at the heart strings more than a child playing with and loving their dog. But bringing a puppy into a home with young children helps their healthy upbringing in countless ways. 

A child with a dog will actually develop better social skills by simply playing with the dog. It is a living creature that they learn from by caring for him. In addition to learning to socialize, children learn responsibility when caring for another living creature that depends on them for his well-being. 

When children take on the task of feeding a dog, walking it, and grooming it, they learn multiple life lessons. They learn to have a daily commitment in caring for something other than themselves. A child who has a dog companion adapts better socially because she is able to practice skills with the dog, giving the child confidence and helping her to relax.  

Pet ownership improves adult physical and mental health 

Dog ownership isn’t just for young children. The benefits for young adults to seniors is tremendous. Recent studies have uncovered the benefits of the bond between humans and their companions. The list is long: that bond reduces stress, lowers anxiety, helps with depression, assists with feelings of loneliness, and improves heart health through the daily physical activity needed to care for a dog. 

Seniors with pets make fewer visits to the hospital. Dog owners have lower levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, while taking care of a dog increases the levels of the relaxing hormones serotonin and dopamine.  

Bringing a puppy home not only puts a smile on everyone’s face, it can also lead to a better quality of life and real health benefits. 

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